August 30, 2009

A Night Out with Friends

The boat had to spend several days up in Salt Lake because it needed a cover. Yes, I have to point out that I drove the boat up to Salt Lake by myself!!! It was more stressful than the time I drove to Salt Lake to borrow Ryan's quads. The boat is much bigger, and visability is much worse, but I did it. I did notice that my hands were sore from griping the steering wheel so hard.

So as soon as we got the boat back, we went out and enjoyed the evening with some friends. The weather was beautiful and the water was glass. The kids, as always, had a blast on the tube. That $150 was probably the best money spent on boating equipment. It gets more giggles, more smiles and more screams- from kids and grown ups. (Don't worry, I'm sure the new-ness of the boat will wear off soon and I won't be posting about the boat nearly as constantly).

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