August 8, 2009

Sand Hollow

As much as our family likes to play, we don't typically do a very good job of really getting away from work and the rest of our busy schedules. Fortunately, we finally managed to go enjoy the sun and sand of St George with Scott's cousin, Ryan, and his family.
We enjoyed several of the wonderful things that St George has to offer a family. Twice we went to the Sand Dunes at Sand Hollow.
The first morning, we had a few hitches in our plans. The biggest one was that one of the quads got a flat right as we started riding. The other, was minor, we couldn't get the really "nifty" backpack for Ivy to fit correctly. It sounded like it would be perfect, she is strapped to your back, but has handles to hold on to. Instead, even once we got it to fit, it just bounced her head around with her heavy helmet- like a rag doll.
We switched Ivy around to the front and I had Jade on the back of my bike. (For Jade, we have a belt that has handles for her to hold on to. It is way easier than her trying to hold on around the waist). It was soooooo hot, unless we were riding or in the shade. Luckily, we found a need little cave where we were able to rest and cool off.
Day two at Sand Hollow went without a hitch. We got out of the house earlier, so it wasn't as hot- at least at the beginning. Ryan had gotten his tire fixed the night before so everyone was able to ride. We didn't ride as many miles the second day, but we stayed cool and we played in our cave. While we were getting cool, Scott and Ryan took the big kids to run down the sand dunes and drove them back up. They absolutely loved it. Ivy, of course, stayed in the cave with us.

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