August 25, 2009

Maiden Voyage

One thing we forgot to request, when we got our boat, was good weather. Holy cow. The first day we went out was sooo cold, but we did have a really good time. The Watson's joined us for our maiden voyage. Josalyn is a pretty good wake boarder and Nate could water ski. It's always fun for me to get to watch my big hotshot get out there and jump the wake. He's anxious for me to try and also anxious for me to learn how to drive the boat. I don't really feel pressure to drive the boat, because we can't ever go out just the 4 of us, until the girls are old enough to be a spotter. Once they get older, I'll consider learning how to drive. :)

The girls were thrilled to get to dance in the front of the boat while U2 blared on the speakers. Those three have some pretty good moves. I tell you, we will have to watch them when they get older!

The kids had a blast swimming, even though the water was only 67 degrees. We'll be getting them wetsuits if we continue going out in bad weather. Ivy, of course, was a little unsure. Jade wasn't willing to try water skiing just yet- at least not in the freezing cold water.

We are really looking forward to a lot more family nights out with friends on the boat. If you're interested in going, let us know. We're always up for an outing and we can't go out just the 4 of us.

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