November 22, 2009

Daddy Heaven...

Our family vacation is under way. We took off early-ish on Saturday morning and drove straight through to San Diego. En route, we had to stop when Scott saw a sign for Chaparral- the destination for riders. He immediately got off the freeway and headed in the direction of the store. It was in an off the beaten path location and our navigation actually had it wrong. But, Scott went by instinct and made it there without any wrong turns.
When we got there, I explained to the girls that they needed to be extra good in this store. This store is like "Daddy Heaven" I explained and if they could be good, Daddy really would feel like he was in heaven.
The girls didn't behave perfectly, but I think Daddy still felt pretty much like he was in heaven.
The store went on and on forever- with everything you could possibly imagine for ATV's or Motorcycles. There were more racks of clothes than I ever thought necessary for the sport- and so many cute kids riding outfits. There was an awesome selection of helmets, goggles, gloves, chest protectors and everything else you could imagine.
If we hadn't gotten there 20 minutes before closing, I think we could have done some damage in that store- despite the fact that it is NOT the cheapest place for equipment. If we ever pass tit again, during hours, I think Scott will go and try on a bunch of helmets and find the perfect one for him.

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Stephanie said...

My husband would love that shop too. I am certain of that.