January 6, 2009

Christmas with the Andrus side

Odd but I had such a difficult time capturing Christmas with the Andrus side this year. Odd, because typically my mom, my sister and my brother are all snapping away through the whole event and this year no one had their cameras out.
The only pictures I managed were of the girls in their robes. Adorable and cute.
We had a very nice evening. Tom made a yummy roast that was the size of a small child. Tom definitely got the gift of cooking meat from Dad and Doc. I don't know, maybe it is a skill more than a gift, but either way, he's good at it.
I love Christmas. I love thinking about what would be a perfect gift for each sibling and family. I love agonizing about it year after year. And I love receiving the gifts from them that just as much thought went into. This year, Kat made me a fantastic apron. She picked really fun fabrics and I feel very spiffy in it. Hmm, that's a picture I should have (besides the one of me on the bike). Kat and Jon gave the men a new Joseph Smith book. I think I'll be borrowing it from Scott. Tom and Anne gave us a Shabow Shabow bowl set. Shabow Shabow is the Japanese form of fondue. I'm very excited to try it. A friend of mine suggested butter instead of broth, mmmm, the possibilities.
We got Tom and Anne a great big red platter. Anne mentioned to mom that they didn't have any good serving pieces. I hope that piece will add a fun flare to their tables. For Kat and Jon, we did food storage stuff- not fun, but useful.
The kids enjoyed Christmas and were very grateful for all of their wonderful gifts.

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