January 5, 2009

The Andrus Family has arrived!!!

I love when my brother's family comes into town. It's fun to sit on the stairs and listen to Dax play his guitar and McKane is so adorable with the littles. He sat and held Baby Z for hours. Jade and Ivy were so excited to see all of the kids. The night before they arrived, Ivy informed us that she loves Mac but he "fires babies" and she still loves him. (During the summer, Mac likes to buy dolls from the dollar store and put fireworks in them. It was very traumatic for Ivy). She also said that she loves Dax and he doesn't fire babies. It's always interesting to find out how much little kids understand and notice.
Here are some cute pictures of Baby Z and his people.

Kieran is able to entertain the little's in some pretty creative ways. While the adults were busy doing something, Kieran put together a picnic and played the part of a server and chef. It was adorable and very fun to see them playing together.

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