January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Spinning New Year!!!

This year, my parents decided that all of us need to get in better shape- so they gave us each a Spinning cycle. I am so excited to start working out on it. Mom and Dad got one for themselves as well. We'll have to see who gets skinniest the fastest. My goal is to shed 10 lbs- hopefully I'll have better luck with my "get fit" program this year than last year.

See my cute apron? Kat made it for me. I absolutely love it.

Here's the bike- fun huh?


Anonymous said...

Great gift! If you shed 10 pounds you will disappear. Is your hair cut in that picture of you on the bike?

Amy said...

nope- not cut, just a ponytail tied with christmas ribbon. :)

sometimes, disappearing is good ;)