January 20, 2009

Barbie has nothing on Jade and Ivy

For the past year, Scott has been dreaming of getting a four-wheeler that the girls can ride. He's watched on KSL for quite some time. Occasionally, I would get a phone call or an email telling me about a cute 50 in different cities and different conditions. Tuesday, while I was staying home with the girls, I got a phone call...

"I just sent you an instant message. I found a pink Polaris. It's in perfect condition and still has the plastic on the seat and the tag on the handle bars. It's been filled with gas, twice. They've only ridden it in the backyard. It's right up near my parent's house. I think the girls will really love it."

I went upstairs to my desktop and took a look at the link Scott sent me. It was absolutely too cute to pass up- and a really good deal.

So, this year, the girls will get to ride around the mountains and the sand dunes. Having them with us will definitely get me back out on my bike. I'm really looking forward to spring.

Bob and Janet picked the bike up on Tuesday night. Sunday they brought it down to us and we revealed it to the girls. Jade was shocked and thrilled. Ivy was a little bit concerned, but started grinning once she had the helmet on.

Thanks, Bob and Janet, for picking it up. We are so excited!
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