January 6, 2009

Welcome Welcome 2009!

New Year's Eve is typically spent at my parent's house. During the evening there is game playing, craft making, munchies eating and friends visiting. I truly love New Year's Eve.
What I don't love about New Year's Eve is that for the past 3 years, I have spent it working. My company ends it's year with the calendar. Not fair to the sales force. Last year, I worked right through the magic hour. This year, I was able to finish up around 10. Of course I was tired from working late the previous two nights and early each morning, but I was able to be with the family on New Year's Eve, and that is what's important.
The crafting this year was some of the best. The kids decorated cookies. We all made crepe paper flowers. The kids embellished and pom pom-ed scarfs. It was very fun see how well they all did on their scarfs and how different each one is. I'm addicted to the crepe paper flowers. Sometimes it is a good thing I work, or my addictions would take over my life.
To bring in the new year, Uncle set off fireworks by Jade, Kieran and Fiona's snowman. There was a little tension for a moment- the life of the snowman was threatened. Fortunately, all turned out fine and the fireworks were spectacular. I really liked the addition of the fireworks to our festivities. Even if it was FREEZING cold.
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for hosting a fun evening.

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Anonymous said...

You guys are party party people! Your girls are going to have the best childhood memories!