January 20, 2009

What did you do for Inauguration Day?

Inauguration Day for me meant going to work, just like any other day. But, I wanted it to be memorable for my girls.

I started out the day and briefly explained to the girls what was going to be happening during the day. Then I asked Miss Kim to make sure the girls watched the Inauguration live, but also recorded it so that I could discuss it with my girls tonight. When I was leaving for work, I told the girls that we would have a special inauguration dinner.

I am not a politically minded person, in any sense of the word. And frankly, neither is Scott. So, there hasn't been much in the way of political conversation at our house. However, at work, it's all I've been hearing about for the past several months. Some of my friends are very excited about President Obama, while others are less than thrilled with the direction the country went during the election. Me, I'm just grateful that we still live in a country where the vote matters. I don't believe my little voice will be heard, but I'm glad there are those out there yelling loud enough to make a difference.

Although I am not politically driven, I do see the value in the historical aspects of today's ceremony. President Obama is the 44th President. It was the first Presidential Inauguration that my daughters are alive for. He is the first African-American President- the first of any ethnicity other than Caucasian. His wife typically dresses from my favorite store but today she strayed from that and wore yellow. The age difference between President Obama and his Vice President is one of the largest spreads. President Obama only said "I" four times during his whole inauguration speech. Because, I do see the value, I wanted to do something to help the girls remember it.

I came home from work, wondering what on earth I was going to make for dinner that would be special. And don't think the girls had forgotten my parting words. I was reminded quickly after getting home that I had promised them a "special" dinner.

So, I set to work and made blue chicken breasts, red (okay pink) mashed potatoes and served them on a white plate with a glass of milk. Not a great dinner, but one that they liked. They got a kick out of the blue meat and pointed out that the milk, plate and napkin all filled the white requirement.

After dinner, we played some games, then talked about why we have an inauguration ceremony and then watched the swearing in. Jade asked that we listen to Aretha Franklin sing again, because she "just loved her" and sang right along with her. I was glad to see Jade being excited that we have a new president.

When it was time for bed, we read a great book about Abe Lincoln. It is called "The Value of Respect" and is a book from my childhood. I found the whole series online and think it would be a fantastic addition to our children's library. This book tells us how important it is to respect everyone- no matter their color, their level of wealth, or if they are nice to you. Respect has been an issue at our house the past few months. I'm not sure why, but it is. Jade said, while we were reading, that this story makes her want to be nicer to me. She cried in my arms after Abe Lincoln's mom died. My tender little angel. At the end of the book, when Abe Lincoln is elected President, Jade got very excited because "today we got a new president".

For now, they are both sleeping in their beds- but I'm sure I'll have one if not both in my bed before morning. Can I use the story on respect as a reason to sleep in their own beds? Hmm, probably not. Plus, I do love having them "nuggled" into me some nights- JUST NOT EVERY NIGHT.

I am glad that we had the chance to participate in this historic day and hope the girls will remember this day every time a new president is sworn into office.


Kat said...

what a good mom you are - can i send the boys over next time you do something like that? i'm just not that put together!

Lorelie Andrus said...

I think you're very wise to give the girls an appreciation for history as it's being made.
I was just a little older than Jade is when my Mom made me aware of the grandeur and significance of Queen Elizabeth's coronation while it was taking place. I'm glad she did that.
The red, white and blue food was a great "child friendly" way to get their attention! Good job Mom!