January 24, 2009

More game nights at our house...

Monday nights our favorite TV show is on. "24" is really good- especially this season. For the past few years, my parents have joined us for almost every episode of "24." This past Monday, they came a little early so they could see Jade and Ivy's adorable pink four wheeler. Then there was some time to kill before the show started. I had a presentation that I had to work on, so the five shown above played a game of "Sorry." Ivy loves playing the game but loses interest relatively quickly.

Friday night, we decided to have another game night. This time with my sister and her family. They got to our house around 8:00 at night and while the kids played MarioCart, the adults played RockBand. I was lucky and had a sweet sleeping little baby boy on my lap for some of the night. He enjoyed watching the lights and listening to my horrific singing while being extremely impressed with his mom and dad's skills on the guitars. While I struggle with medium, they were both scoring high percentages on hard. Maybe I need to log a few more hours playing RockBand. Although, if I do, and don't improve, that's just one more thing for me to be hard on myself about.

It's been a very fun week- one that will help me get through several days of all day meetings this coming week.
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