December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Festivities...

I really love my extended family. I love the laughter and the stories that are heard through out the evening. I love getting to catch up on the fun things everyone is doing. I love watching the teenagers "hang" together remembering how they used to be like the little ones are now- only there were fewer of them. I love getting to spend time visiting with them and listening to the interactions between the generations.

Christmas eve at my parents is filled with soups- clam chowder and french onion soup are the traditions. But this year, we added some extra soups. I made borsch, Tom made a miso soup, Kat made a butternut squash soup and Aunt Carole made a yummy tomato basil. As always there was more food than we could possibly consume in one evening.
I think my mom looks really pretty in this picture.
I think this is a great picture of my uncle that really does captures him.
Can you tell that they are mother and son?
I love getting to see all of my family enjoying their Christmas eve feast.

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Stephanie said...

Soup on Christmas Eve! What a great tradition. We may have to "copy" that next year...

My favorites? Split Pea and Baked Potato. :)