December 31, 2009

Happy New Year...

To wrap up this year, I would like to share with you some of the memories that stand out to me from 2009.
January- Ivy started dance and had so much fun that Jade decided she wanted to be in dance too.
February- Our family took a quick impromptu getaway to Midway.
March- Jade performed at a gymnastics meet at BYU and absolutely loved watching the BYU gymnasts.
April- This was an excellent month! Easter, a freakish spring snow storm, WICKED at Capitol Theater with our parents and another getaway this time to Bear Lake.
May- I finally got to wear a Prom dress to our ward prom and Jade graduated from kindergarten. Ivy and Jade had their dance recital and both fell in love with performing. We also got to watch Grandpa Great at the Golden Spike re-enactment.
June- We had a huge project where Scott put a rectangle trampoline in the ground. Jade and Ivy both learned how to ride their bikes- Ivy with training wheels and Jade without.
July- The girls experienced their first rodeo and it stormed the whole time. We took another getaway but this time to St George for a wonderful couple of days at the Sand Dunes.
August- Our life became a life of boaters. We spent weekends and nights out on the boat learning how to wake board. Jade also started First Grade and both girls made the performing companies at the VIBE dance studio.
September- More boating and a great Labor Day at the Thanksgiving Point Luau.
October- We saw several movies, rode the Haunted Train, and had a mouse problem- yuck!
November- We went to California and had a wonderful time playing with my brother's family, spent a day at the Sand Dunes and went to the top of the world at Snowbird.
December- A very busy month filled with Jade winning the reflections contest, a polar bear swim, a Christmas program and dance demonstrations wrapped up with the girls seeing their first ballet.
What a full and wonderful year! Can't wait to see what 2010 brings.
Happy New Year!

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