December 26, 2009

Johnson Family Christmas Party

The holiday season began with the Johnson family Christmas party. It is one of the traditions I look forward to every year since I joined the family. Each year we gather with many of Scott's cousins and siblings to celebrate the holiday. We play games, eat lots of yummy food have the kids exchange gifts. This year there seemed to be fewer cousins there, but hopefully next year more will be able to come.
Here are some of the scenes of what the kids do during the family party...
Gavin made a leaning tower of cups.
Luci scooted on her head for a bit.
Matthew just looked adorable.
Anya spent some time visiting with Grandma Great.

Then all of the kids gathered for a roaring game of B-I-N-G-O with a Christmas theme. They had a blast with it and enjoyed the candy prizes. Thank you Aunt BJ for facilitating the game.

Every year, Grandpa Great leads the kids in carols and provides the musical instruments. I love him in his little elf hat and the energy he brings to the party. The kids love getting to sing with him and have a lot of fun with his instruments.

To end the party, Aunt Kristal read a story about lefts and rights and each time she said "left" the kids would have to pass their present to the left. If she said "right" then they would pass their present to the right. At the end of the story, all of the kids got to open the present they ended up with. One of the presents our girls got was "cooties" and they have loved it. They've played it over and over again.
We had a great time and I am so glad we get to spend time with his cousins each year.

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