December 27, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Great

I never knew my great grandparents- not on either side of my family. My kids are luckier than I was because they have gotten to know one set of great grandparents. Scott's mom's parents are still an active and fun part of their family. The Christmas party is the biggest gathering that they always make it to- even if they aren't feeling fantastic.
Grandpa Wayne makes the party musical- he is a retired band teacher and plays multiple instruments. In fact, he still plays with a band whenever he can. For Grandma Edith's 90th birthday party, his band of old musicians entertained the family and the littles danced and danced to their tunes. Grandpa's part of the party is typically the highlight.
Grandma E has been frail as long as I have known her, but there is always a smile on her face and she's always quick to hug and laugh. Since I've been part of the family, she has been through so much medically, but she continues to fight. Most recently, she broke a vertebrae when she fell in the middle of the night. She's had a heart attack that was followed by bypass surgery. Plus she's had tummy troubles that don't seem to have a good resolutions. Each time we pray for her to be strong and for her body to heal. Our prayers continue to be answered because she is a strong fighter.
Together they support one another and stand by each other's side. They care for one another unconditionally. Their love has grown over the many years that they have been together. For our family, they demonstrate true love and why being together for all eternity is such a blessing.
We love you, Grandpa and Grandma Great. We are so grateful for every minute we all get to spend with you. Merry Christmas!

We wish Aunt Dawn and Uncle John could have been there too.

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