December 17, 2009

Visiting Santa

Friday we went and visited Santa at the South Towne mall. Of course we go there at the beginning of Santa's break, so we enjoyed a lunch of corn dogs and cheese dogs on a stick. (When I was little, I remember going to the University mall with my mom and my grandparents. Every time we went, we would enjoy a cheese dog from the corn dog factory. Now we go to Hot Dog on a Stick at South Towne because it is close to my work). The girls loved their lunch and didn't mind the wait at all.

When it was time to finally get to see Santa, both girls had different feelings about seeing the big man. Jade was excited to tell Santa that she would like what ever he decided to give her. Ivy had no desire to see Santa. After all, she saw him at Disneyland. For Ivy, there were no smiles, just tears and fear.
As we walked up to Santa, Ivy grabbed my legs and started to cry. Jade jumped right up next to him and was good to go. After a few words with Ivy and Santa, Ivy and I walked back to stand behind the camera for pictures of Jade and Santa.
Such a sweet Santa. Although, I do wish Santa still wore his big red dress coat. His workshop clothes are fun, but they don't fit the fantasy and visions that I have of St Nick.

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