December 18, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

...but the kids are so delightful. The morning of fluffy snow brought for a fun morning of playing in the snow. Scott snowblow-ed and the girls played.
I love this picture of Jade.
Scott blew the snow on Jade and she loved it.
Is that really the way to make snow angels? She didn't believe me that I told her most people do them face up. She said that she was making a snow butterfly- you are supposed to do those face down.
Ivy has been starting an episode so she hasn't been very smiley. I was excited to catch this one beautiful smile of hers while she played in the snow.
Nothing better than finishing a day of playing in the snow with hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and whipped cream. I anticipated the girls would come in for it, but they wanted to stay outside in the cold. It didn't take very long before the hot chocolate had little ice crystals forming cause it was REALLY COLD.

Saturday night it warmed up and started to rain. It left the neighborhood a real slushy mess. I love the snow but I don't love the slush. Slush is messy and dangerous- I don't like it.


Amy said...

Once again... I love the pictures!!!

Stephanie said...

What fun photos! Makes me *almost* wish we lived in a snowy climate. Almost... ;)