December 4, 2009

Tidepools in Malibu

Our first day with Tom, Anne and their family we enjoyed one of my favorite food spots of the LA area- Tito's Tacos. Some people think In-N-Out Burger is the place to eat in California but my favorite place is easily Tito's. I love their meat burritos They are huge and full of flavor and they bring back wonderful memories of my grandparents. (In fact, when I left on the airplane to Ukraine, my grandpa brought me a Tito's burrito for the trip).

Our plan for Friday was to go to the tide pools and play at the beach, but in California, the sun sets so early. Seriously, by 5:00 PM, the sun is gone. The next challenge we faced was that low tide was at 6:00 PM- after dark. So we figured we could get some tide pools if we left around four. That didn't leave much of a window for time to play in the tide pools.

We bundled up and were on our way with the two Andrus littles. Dax was with some school friends and Mac went to New Moon for his second time with a group from the church. (Yes, he saw the midnight movie and then went the next day).

We went to the tide pools up by the Colony in Malibu. We were right by the private beach. It was beautiful, a bit chilly and very quickly too dark.

Thanks, Tom and Anne for taking us to play in the sand for a while, and thanks Anne for being Ivy's little buddy while she stayed as far away from the water as possible.

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