December 30, 2009

the Voodoo Clan

My cousin, Cass, is EXTREMELY creative. She's an amazing artist by trade, but she also explores other mediums that are fun and crazy. Cass is one of my favorite people to spend time with. She makes me laugh while she makes me want to be more creative and artsy. For Christmas, she made witch dolls for each of us. The faces are our faces printed on a fabric. In the picture below it is me, then my mom, then Anne and last is Kat. Each has a very fancy dress and a witches hat.
The dolls remind me a little bit of voodoo dolls, but witches- therefore a clan. I think they are really cool and I'm very excited to have it as part of my decorations.

When the girls saw it, Ivy said that it was scary and Jade immediately said it looked just like me. So the question is, am I scary looking?

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