December 29, 2009

Oh Heavens, the Nativity

Part of our family tradition for Christmas is a re-enactment of the Nativity. This year we had a little bit of a challenge, none of the boys were willing to play Joseph, so we had to improvise. Asher was willing to play the part so she and Jade were Mary and Joseph.
The kids disappeared with my mom and Cassie while they learned their parts and got in costume. Then they joined the group while Sunshine read from the scriptures.

Our baby Jesus is a little old and wasn't really interested in staying in the basket.

The shepherds sat with their backs to the audience and there was only one king, who wasn't very interested in the baby Jesus. It's hard when you are 1 1/2 to understand your role in the Nativity.

We had to take a short paparazzi break in the middle of the re-enactment when we realized there were 3 dslr's flashing, 1 video camera filming, 2 iPhones capturing and 1 point and shoot snapping away. We took the pictures and then put our cameras down and let the spirit take over.
It was beautiful and as always wonderful to be reminded of the birth of our Savior.
Cass got some great pictures of the nativity with her iPhone. Check them out on her blog.


Aren said...

Hey Sanford family! I have been able to catch up on your blog this Christmas break at my parent's house. Jade and Ivy are so beautiful! I have mixed feelings about how grown up they are now. I'm so happy your family and extended family are doing so well. I love your blog so keep up the hard work for us all to enjoy. I am nine months pregnant right now with our little girl. Jackson just turned two years old and he has some Jade spunk in him. I love it! (most of the time, ha!) We're naming our little girl Savannah. I spent one night making her bows for her hair like Ivy always had on her head. I call them my Ivy bows. Sorry, this has turned into an email. Give your email to Rachel sometime and maybe we can catch up! Tell Jade I am so proud of her. I always knew she would accomplish so much. They are both special girls, but I don't have to tell you that. Merry Christmas! Love always, Ashley

Stephanie said...

These photos made me smile - especially little Baby Jesus. What a fun tradition!