December 17, 2009

Oh the anticipation....

I seem to have created a bit of a stir. I'm so sorry to disappoint, but the more I hear what changes people think we might be making, the more I am sure the changes will only be big to me.

Here are some of the changes...

I am going to start focusing on my photography business. Which means I will have a new website and blog. Plus I'll be doing portfolio building mini-sessions. Those will be lots of fun. will be disappearing and in its place will be (don't try and go there yet- you won't find anything).

I will no longer be the only contributor to our blog, but my wonderful husband has agreed to contribute as well- which I am SUPER SUPER SUPER excited about. (See, that IS a big change).

There will be a few different parts to the blog and it will have a more focused purpose. In our family, we try very hard to find the balance between family, work, faith, play and home. We've agreed that if we are excelling in at least 3 of those areas then we're doing alright. We thought it might be fun to share how we do it, how we plan it, how we decide and sometimes how we miss that trifecta we're shooting for.

There will be different sections of the blog focused on family time (the journal), our faith (bringing Christ into your family), our careers (and pointers for keeping it in check while still advancing your career), creative (a place for recipes, projects and crafts), and daddy's corner (where Scott will be sharing).

While we are striving for the Family Trifecta, we have been implementing different activities in our home and we'll continue to experiment and share as we do so.

So, the changes aren't so big that they are "life changing" but they will be "family life changing" and a lot of fun.

If there are other changes made, I'll let you know, but in the next little bit you can look forward to the new blog and more on my photography business.

I'm excited, but I feel the anticipation was maybe a little too great.

***PS A trifecta is a horse racing bet when you pick the first three horses in the correct order they place.


Julie Topham said...

YAY! Sounds fantastic!!!! Can't wait, you are so talented, creative, fun and organized. I hope to learn from one of the best.

Eden said...

that sounds really great--I'm excited to see how things play out for you. What a great philosophy! I can't wait!