December 23, 2009

First Grade Christmas Program

Thursday was Jade's 1st grade Holiday program. Her part was "Many years ago, the Jewish temple was destroyed by invaders. It was very dirty and all of the beautiful things were ruined. " She did a fantastic job and practiced and practiced. The first picture was taken during her part. She spoke loudly and clearly.
During Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, some of the kids got to do the echo part but not all of the kids. Based on Jade's expression, you can tell that their teacher asked them to be extremely quiet. For each echo, she made a different expression showing that she was keeping her mouth shut.

Poor boy wasn't counting on getting slapped during a song. He actually wasn't slapped, it just looks like it.

Jade is growing up so much, it makes me happy and sad. It doesn't seem possible that she's coming up on her 7th birthday. In so many ways it seems like just yesterday that Scott and I first laid eyes on our beautiful little girl. I am so happy that she is growing up to be such a sweet little firecracker.
Here's a little clip from one of her songs.

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