December 7, 2009


I love Thanksgiving Dinner. I love the turkey covered with gravy. I love the sweet potatoes and the mashed potatoes smashed next to each other on my plate. I don't love the cranberries. I love the stuffing with the left over gravy from my turkey. I love the rolls soaked in the gravy. I love starting the meal off with shrimp cocktail and I love ending it with pie.
This year was a little different. I have just been diagnosed with ulcers. Not from stress but from my anti-inflammatories I have been taking for the past year and a half for my foot. While diagnosing my ulcers, they found that my gall bladder isn't working perfectly. So, this year, I didn't get to dive into the food as much as I would have liked. Luckily, everything with my tummy is treatable and I'll be in good health in no time. I'll get to enjoy food the way it was meant to be enjoyed.
This year for Thanksgiving, we were with Scott's family. I love getting to spend time with them and getting to visit with his sister (and family) and cousin (and family). Scott's brother's family was sick, so they didn't make it. We missed them. Also, we missed almost all of his cousins - except Ryan and Brianna.
The food was yummy and the turkey was super moist. They cooked it in an electric roaster. We almost didn't have mashed potatoes, but I'm glad we did.
The kids didn't care much about eating- they just wanted to pretend they were dogs. They played the game for HOURS. Which actually made for some very nice grown up visiting time.
I was asked to bring pies. Since I'm not typically much of a baker, I had to turn to the family cookbook. My cousin in law, Jenny, is an amazing pie baker. So I used her recipe for Banana Cream Pie. It was delicious. The other pie, I experimented a little bit with. I sliced up 6 apples and mixed some of my homemade peach jam with the apples. It actually turned out pretty darn good- if I do say so myself. Super easy - with a minimal mess.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did.

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