December 21, 2009

My Jazz and Poppin little girl...

I am so proud of my little dancing gymnast. This is the first year she has been excited about dance. She says that she loves both dance and gymnastics but that gymnastics is her favorite. She says that gymnastics makes her more muscle-y and flexible. I didn't now "more muscle-y" was our goal, but I guess it is.
However, she is really loving her hip hop class. It's so perfect for her. She's not long and string beany nor is she super light on her feet- but she is strong and solid and firm. She hits every move with precision and throws around the hip hop attitude perfectly. The cutest thing about it is watching her sing while she dances.
I've included a video- it wasn't the best time she did it, but it was pretty darn cute.

She's also really enjoying her jazz class and is so excited that she gets to do her round off back handspring in it. It made me a little nervous when I found out that she's doing it on the hardwood floor, but she seems to be hitting it each time.
She may not love dance as much as gymnastics, but I think it has really helped her with her self confidence. I no longer hear her talking about how big she is nor see her grabbing the skin on her legs moaning about her fat. With dance, she has found that there are hundreds of body types that can all dance and move and look great. Unfortunately, at gymnastics most of the girls are littler than she is (even if they are older), so she's spent nights being upset about it.
I am so grateful she loves doing both and I believe these early years will help teach her that if you enjoy something, it is important to work at it and love it.

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Kat said...

Hello little miss TEENAGER! holy cow, she looks so grown up!